Startups, Get Real!

Running a creative startup for the last two years, I have realized that most of the startups or entrepreneurs are not what they seem. They are not that happy, confident and fine faces that they appear to be. Contrary to the hype that these so-called incubators, mentors, entrepreneurial events and co-working places are creating, the startup journey is not a glamorous one. These players in startup ecosystem, are actually creating pretenders rather than real entrepreneurs.

“Pitching”, “Investors”, “Business & Financial Plans”, “Awards”, “Seed Money” are too shiny words for this journey and are actually the most bottom level stress that you need to worry about and prepare for. The actual battle and most of the war would be you vs. you. Totally opposite to the impression that you are getting about these so-called mentorship and seminars, these events are actually businesses themselves. These startup events are just making money out of startups like yours.

If you are an entrepreneur or wants to be one and need advice or guidance or simple consultation, avoid these so-called hype and get real. If you really need some good advice, consult with the nearest entrepreneurs, REAL ones. Just spending a few minutes talking will boost your entrepreneurial spirit. Do not get seduced by these these so-called media-hyped mentors who have a long list of experiences in studying business (especially, abroad) and its struggles in books rather than facing one themselves (especially, here in Bangladesh).

A simple advice from a fellow entrepreneur – be true to yourself. Trust your instincts. Get real. Stop pretending, get away from pretenders. Accepting there is a struggle is the first step to solve one. Leave your imaginary hard-work that you are doing on those white boards, word documents, excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations and get your hands dirty. Sorry to break it to you but “Fake it till you make it”“Planning is work half done” – these quotes are not for this journey! Just jump in. START first to be a startup.

You may fail, you may win. That’s the beauty of being a startup!

If you have the guts to face the uncertainty and do not fear to face your limitations, this journey deserves every bit of the misery that comes along. It is not that figure that you receive at the end of every month. It is that thrill, that risk, that adventure that worth fighting for!


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